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What we do in mobile app development.

We freelance designs and develops mobile applications for smartphone and tablets. The main platforms such as IOS, Android are a new scenario where companies compete, games and projects in a new digital generation. We are authorized major platforms developers and we guarantee our daily work for agencies and end customers developing mobile applications for Smartphone’s.

IPhone Application Development

IPhone applications are very powerful tool for mobile marketing. It can incorporate the most innovative mobile marketing ideas showy way, using the channel closest to the customer: iPhone, worshiped on many occasions.

The iPhone applications exploit the main features of the terminal (graphics power, touch screen, intuitive use and design) to direct its functionality to an amateur exclusive public to technology and also bring iPhone and businesses.
The iPhone is the Smartphone with more market share and better image. Corporate executives, professional image and, in general, lovers of technological developments have an iPhone. You cannot make a mobile marketing campaign without including an iPhone application.

All mobile marketing initiative that includes applications must include a version for iPhone. Our development company iPhone application is the perfect place for your business development to technology partner.

Creating applications Iphone

IPhone programming should emphasize innovation. The owner of an iPhone usually the day of the digital world and is seduced only by the novelty, surprise. We care graphic design maximum power and usability of the applications developed. Finally, content is key, owing guide to the tastes of the target audience.

The demand for terminals iPhone and downloading apps from the App Store has not stopped growing, the most optimistic forecasts have overflowed and point this channel as the most valuable marketing mix, ideal for attacking certain niches of highly sought after market, something agencies and advertisers have already ascertained at exclusive promotions of great relevance, which have spread like wildfire.

Android Application Development

Android applications have become a powerful ally of mobile marketing as possible to relate to consumers directly through the immediate channel: the mobile phone.

Many marketing companies have been launched to promote the development of Android applications and use in mobile marketing campaigns, based on their concept of free software and the large number of brands that have been involved in this open system, with the Google tutelage.

As in almost all initiatives of Google, its growth has been exponential, playing the lead soon to Apple's iPhone price and quality. His initial audience was mainly technological and attached to the concept of free software, but its success has become a standard for any segment of the population.

All mobile marketing initiative must include a version for Android. Android development company applications, is the perfect technology partner for your company.

What is an Android application?

Android applications are programs designed to run on mobile phones last generation (Smartphone) Android operating system, Platform based on Linux and free software, this means that any programmer android can access your code and can develop applications for Android free form.

His enormous popularity came from its purchase by Google, which decided to extend its business to mobile telephony reaching an agreement with other handset manufacturers (HTC, Samsung, LG, etc.) to develop models based on Android.

In parallel, the Android Market, a virtual shop on the Internet where you can download free and paid applications was created. Android applications take advantage of the main advantages of the new terminals (touch screen, data connection, geolocation) to provide features that connect directly with Google services on the Internet and the online world in general, resulting in a very useful for companies alternative.

The alliance between Android and profitable company is its concept of free software, which reduces costs and ensures the quality of the applications developed for Android.

Windows Mobile Application Development

The inclusion of a Windows Mobile application in a mobile marketing strategy is a necessary complement if what is intended is to reach the maximum number of devices and therefore expand distributing mobile applications to the fullest.

The operating system Microsoft is already the second mobile operating system in many countries, ahead of Apple's iOS and the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft may accelerate the pace of growth so it is an operating system that should be taken into your account when considering what platforms are to be present.