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Web Designer.

Web design perform a rigorous process composed of different phases with the objective that the web design meets the requirements of the project and to meet the specific objectives of the website; sell, communicate, distribute, plumbing, etc..
The web design process must now take into account more factors than ever as navigability, interactivity, usability, user experience and mobility. And to enable interaction with different media such as text, links, images, audio and video, all this allows a good web design.
The use of Open Source technologies and world standards World Wide Web with extensive experience in web design web in different sectors and typologies; e-commerce, corporate website, online training, etc ... it is a guarantee of results.
As the experts in digital strategy and online marketing knowhow essential it is to apply the latest SEO techniques in web design to get a good position.


Stages or phases of web design


Mobility and RWD (Responsive Design)
Maximize compatibility with different platforms and browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari Functionality, usability, indexibility, sociability and accessibility

Information architecture

site map (sitemap) architecture with pages and navigation flow. It is helpful when creating and interpreting the prototype phase and very important in web design to ensure better usability and user experience.

Structure definition information

Phase which takes into account the most important factors of SEO in web design as content tailored to SEO, page structure, semantic or friendly links (url friendly), page title (page title), meta tag description (meta description ), keywords (meta keywords) tags h1, h2, h3, text and content, renaming images, alternative tags (alt), internal links, etc..

Prototyping (wireframes)

It consists of a visual scheme that allows pre visualizing the skeleton or visual structure of the web design. It is helpful because it facilitates collaboration and understanding between customer and supplier during this early stage of web design.

Analysis and design of technical solution

it is the first phase of web design with technical. Project requirements are analyzed and detailed solution applied to the technology chosen for the project is defined. This phase is essential in order to meet the development phase and thereby minimize setbacks in web design.

Graphic design

it is the visual phase of web design where designers apply the visual design of the prototype (wireframes) previously made.

Development / Programming

Development phase as web design or web design with CMS like Drupal, Wordpress, Magento, Prestashop, depending on the type of project and its requirements.
Implementation of the database or content definition in CMS
Programming of them features and design web pages
Implementation of graphic design (theming)

Aggregation of content adapted

(testing or beta)

it is one of the last phases of web design and not least. It lets see running the web project and correct errors made during the web design before the launch of the project in its final environment.


Publication of the project in its final environment.

Search engine optimization or SEO

this phase could begin once completed the web design but is actually part of it.